by pat keen

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    photos by hannah hebl and jesse johnson. handwriting by elliott heinz. sealed and pretty with lyrics.


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released July 21, 2015

all songs written, sang and performed by pat

recorded from february-april 2015 onto four track tape machine inside a small new hampshire home

digitalized, mixed and mastered by the wizard matt delligatti

dedicated to the kindness and beautiful friendship of jeff smull and anne adare of alstead, nh.


contact: patkeen23@gmail.com



all rights reserved


pat keen Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: morning

can't talk because of the morning.
i'll leave the day to the world per se.
i'll take my time and throw away the miracles
and piss away unbearable parables

we talked like it was morning
to see the way that we could display
i took a chance and grew out of my turtle shell
and flew right out of living hell
i found a new place i can go
where all that i know
comes from the earth, very hypnotized.

then go head first into the swarming
of brain decay but to my dismay
i've fucked a lot o people's days and peoples lives.
the reasoning was so contrived.
Track Name: parking
i am parked here
you and your car should stay clear
using the wrong signal
proving you're not worthy of
the space that occupies your old whip
the time when car parts come from the abyss
working with this plan to reinforce the meters
that have forced me into bankruptcy

searching for a spot
there's one over there
no there
pull in right there now
Track Name: down
sorry i went, went down
down in here, went down
And I
sorry i'm down here
still inside
please come down here
and get me out
up from there
why are you up there
out of down here
retrace the path to
get to me

sorry that i went, went down here
down in here
still inside please come and get me
come get me out
up from up there why are you up there
up from down here
retrace the path to come and get me
from up there now
Track Name: recall
late at night i wonder
what will come uncover
my attitude slumber
calamity or favor

who knows i cant tell what
brings me in or out of rut

listen to the irish
he'll help you and he'll nourish

taking the whole thing in
wish or not i begin
to grin

be there, stay there, and recall
be here, lay here and recall
Track Name: what we like and who we are
call me in the evening
when i am not working.
but you refer to me as anything you like

take me into healing
before my heart starts peeling
and take a quick glance at everything you are

i do not wanna go home now because if you
tell me just for one day that you lead my life your way.
then tonight we'll forget about what we like and who we are.
Track Name: masquerade
sitting, watching wandering far far away
reassuring wind turns time to masquerade
blocks and windows of heart rocking waywards
waiting for a force to come turn turn away
to the sunny bay then to the tavern
later on experience the watering hole
here we go and we know everyone starts getting older, growing up.
when i told her that i would never give up,
then i could never live up to expected lies.
Track Name: me
i dont want to color inside the lines you've provided.
speaking carefully i say what it all means in old ways
time flies away apparently, incoherently.
roads have to end eventually, just inevitably.
readily free
working on me
Track Name: contest
it gave me pain to break bad news to them
and i hope i am right.

i instigate the big lifestyle change
to preserve the ones i love.
it's a game that we all have to play
greetings to the way of the family aid.
be the heroic man.

when i'm home i'll be your brand new concious.
so you will have no choice but to contest
Track Name: make a life
always on the move
places new anew
now the time has come again for me to run
i have to say it's done.

stillness as I breathe
phased by nothing
lied for a long time
now the truth is mine
forget the past behind
rewind, freeze time, unwind
rushing rolling, fine, to make a life
Track Name: end
i cant wait until the end of the time that we're in right now
if it ever will end i'll be prepared to roll up in my car to that scene
and dissipate the anger that continues to linger on and on
this edge forlorned, we yammer for hours and hours
and though we've been worn for so many years, the end is near
round the bend here is the end
that is so clear the end round the bend here is the end
that makes us weird then i let it get dark again
just like i always seem to do then i laugh it all off hahahaha